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Male and Female Intimate Waxing and Brazilian waxing treatments – perfect for most skin types and for most parts of the body

Maxdinawellness Marbella Costa del Sol. Home of the most professional Male and Female Brazilian Waxing and Intimate waxing treatments in Marbella. Let me show you how easy and fast hair removal can be.

Now, more than ever, Men are turning to waxing for hair removal instead of shaving. All of you know the cuts, nicks, stubble, bumps and irritation using a razor can cause. Waxing treatments are an awesome and affordable alternative. With this change in grooming choices, Maxdinawellness Marbella, offers a number of male waxing treatments for the face and body. Facial waxing services include eyebrows, nose, upper lip, cheeks, chin, ears and neck.

Body waxing services include hair removal without any pain from legs, feet, toes, legs, buttocks, chest, stomach, back, shoulders, arms, underarms, and hands. The Brazilian Waxing treatments for men is one of our most popular services. Once seen as only desired by those living an alternative lifestyle, it is now acceptable and in many cases preferred by all men. The entire process is handled with a mature attitude and discretion allowing for a comfortable and carefree experience.

 Waxing Treatments, Unisex Marbella Painless Intimate waxing treatments mens-waxing-marbella-maxdinawellness

We use three different types of wax, depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Both are top of the line products that have been tried and tested. We offer a free patch test to determine the sensitivity of your skin, which will dictate which wax we will use: Azulene wax, good for all skin types, Seaweed wax especially for men and Blue soft wax for sensitive skin.

Our aestheticians adhere to a strict no-double-dipping policy and always wear gloves to ensure a hygienic environment for our clients.

 Waxing Treatments, Unisex Marbella Painless Intimate waxing treatments

Brazilian, Hollywood or Triangle, intimate waxing For Men & Women:

Male Brazilian, intimate Waxing

For those of you who are new to the idea, let’s take a minute to explain exactly what Male Brazilian Waxing is. It’s the removal of all or some of the hair in the genital area. How much or how little hair you want removed is completely up to you.

My Waxing Formula

I use three different types of wax, depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Both are top of the line products that have been tested and used efficiently over time.

The Benefits of Male Brazilian Waxing

Why would anyone want to submit to something as intimate and somewhat uncomfortable as a Male Brazilian Waxing treatment? There are several very good reasons why waxing the genital area for hair removal is beneficial.

More hygienic
Better comfort
Cooler feeling
Aesthetically more pleasing
Improves intimacy
Hair regrowth is slower and finer, giving less irritation than shaving or trimming.

Pre- and Post-Waxing Care

There are some precautions you want to take before and after you receive your Male Brazilian Waxing treatment. These practical skincare tips will help ensure that you have a positive experience.

Please shower well just prior to your appointment giving special attention to the areas being waxed.
Do not engage in any sports or other sweat producing activities prior to your appointment.
Do not attempt to trim the pubic hair yourself because you can damage yourself. This will be done by the professional therapist in a safe and hygienic environment to avoid any harm or damage.
After your appointment is complete, please try to avoid any sweat producing activities for the duration of that day as the waxed areas will be sensitive for a time.